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This is a very exciting year with two new books being released:  "Run, Jane Run...We Need You In Office!" on Aug. 19, and "Silent Witness"  in January of 2019.   Both will be available wherever books are sold.  Click below to learn more about each.  

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Liz will speak to your group or company on the topic of your choice -- whether you want to inspire and motivate, inform and educate, or present a new idea or philosophy and show how it will benefit the audience.  Perfect for corporate, non-profit, civic, religious, or school groups.

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Ghostwriter in action.

Liz has the rare ability to get "into your head" and write with your voice--making her one of the best ghostwriters available for fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, speeches, toasts, and more.  No matter what the need, subject, or length, you will get professional results in your own voice.

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