Need help to write a book, paper, speech or blog?


Fiction, Non-fiction, memoir, biography--whatever the project, whatever the genre, Liz has over twenty-five years of writing experience that makes her an ideal creator of your own voice.  First she will interview you to discover your aims for the project, what you want readers to take away from it, how you speak, think and present yourself, and then she will present you with an outline of how she sees the book. developing and laid out.  If she has captured your goals, and you give the go ahead, she will requrest half payment up front and begin your project, to be completed by a mutually agreed-upon date.


Well versed in writing technical papers as well as feature articles, Liz's ghostwritten articles have often made it to "Ten Most Read Articles of the Year" lists.  She is a master at asking the right questions and getting to the heart of the matter, as well as presenting the benefits of your solutions to particular  problems.  She does not, however,  work on academic papers, leaving those to the person who will be earning the grade or academic degree.

Speeches & Blogs

Speeches and blogs are a bit of a different animal.  They are , by nature, much more personal and revealing.  They also serve multiple and quite varied purposes:

  • Corporate speeches to investors
  • Corporate speeches to employees
  • Speeches to school boards
  • Speeches to parents of students
  • Speeches as statements for boards of inquiry
  • Speeches that are actually toasts

Blogs are different still. The ghostwriter must give up all traces of  his/her own personality and assume the persona of the stated author.  This is not easy to do, and takes a special knack -- one which has consistently earned kudos for Liz.  This is how some clients put it:

"I don't know how she does it, but you couldn't ask for a better ghostwriter than Liz.  She opens her mouth and my words come out just the way I would have used them to state my opinions.  She really nails it -- every time."   (C. D. who used Liz to ghostwrite a blog for her.)

"Liz has the amazing ability to listen to what I tell her I want to say, and then articulate what I said in a far better way than even I myself could."  (M.R. who used Liz when writing a book.)