Maria Rodriguez & Liz Samuel Richards Author Timely Book

Want Politics to change for the better? Start by reading RUN, JANE, RUN...WE NEED YOU IN OFFICE!

TAKING A PICTURE WITH FAN CHRIS GEISELHART (C) LIZ SAMUEL RICHARDS (L) AND MARIA RODRIGUEZ (R) are all smiles at the book's Launch Party in Wilmette at John Plunkett Interior Design. Thank you John & Valerie Plunkett, for hosting us all amid your beautiful furniture and letting us indulge in that wonderful buffet while there.


Together the Republican (Maria) and the Democrat (Liz) worked "across the aisle" to put out a book that would help women everywhere - whether single, married, divorced, or widowed - to see themselves through a leadership lens.  Many would be doing so for the first time, finally recognizing the many leadership skills they possess that so easily transfer to politics.   

Both Liz and Maria believe that there is a seat at the political table for everyone, running the gamut from volunteering to campaigning for local, statewide, or national office.  We blow some old stereotypes down as well, showing that politics is not just for the intellectually elite, the wealthy, or the  privileged.

If the political life seems like it would appeal to you after reading first-hand accounts about Maria's experiences as former mayor of Long Grove, IL, and as a Congressional candidate, we want to help you take the next steps forward.  It's easier than you think, but there is a process that is important to follow, and we break that process down into easy-to-follow concrete steps.

If you have ever thought that you could do as good a job or better than some of the people in office now, read Run, Jane, Run...We Need You In Office!  and give running some serious thought. Perhaps you'd rather start out as a campaign worker if you already have other obligations, and just give the hours that you can.  Great!  As we said, there is a place for everyone, and volunteers are sorely needed.

This is not a "dry" or "academic" book.  It's like two friends sitting over coffee or tea and simply chatting.  Although it's filled with anecdotes, even the embarrassing ones, it's also very comprehensive, and a must-read if you wish to start to change the culture we live in and help raise the political bar.  One reader compared it to a cookbook that gives you "the recipe."  All you have to do is follow it!

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Maria asks a gentleman how he wants his book inscribed

Maria asks a gentleman how he wants his book inscribed.

We were off to a quick start and busy signing copies of Run, Jane, Run...We Need You In Office all afternoon!

Busy signing books for everyone

Even the sheriff bought a copy!

We sold 70 copies right at the party, and  Amazon expects a "surge"  Hey look, even the sheriff bought one.  Well, he just got the female vote!

A real testimonial

So many friends showed up for the book launch.

The guy in the hat said he thought it would "sell through the roof.  Especially the great way it was organized!"  Have you ordered YOUR copy yet?

Big Thanks to the Plunketts

Welcoming us to the Launch

You couldn't have asked for more gracious hosts than John & Valerie Plunkett, who supported us by opening their entire design showroom to our Launch Party. How cool was that? 

Why This Is Such an Unusual Book

Liz & Maria were the perfect pair to write this book because Liz is a Dem & Marie is  GOP.  They brought different experiences, & talents (Liz the writer, Maria the former mayor and candidate).  They had to listen to each other! And they had to keep a diverse audience in mind.  If you have EVER entertained a thought about volunteering or running in a campaign, this will tell you what to do and how. It's a recipe for success, and a must-read introduction to getting involved in politics.

Now in Many Barnes & Noble Stores...Check Yours!

Be on the lookout (have you signed up for our email?) for author appearances in the coming months.  Liz will be at This Old Book in Grayslake, IL on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018.  Look for a future Barnes & Noble appearance as well by both Maria and Liz!


Food and drink aplenty!

Everyone Wanted a Signed Book!

Everyone who was there left with a book.  They told us it was a great book, and some even bought multiple copies for friends and family members.  Maria and Liz could not have asked for a better endorsement!

People Were Anxious to Talk

It's amazing how many different points of view and what interesting tidbits are gleaned at an event like this!  


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