Run, Jane, Run...We Need You In Office! (co-authored with Maria Rodriguez)

This is for anyone (especially women) who have ever thought "I could do better than those fools who are running the nation/state/city." 

The amazing thing about this is that women are the leaders we need--but they're hiding in plain sight, often unaware that the very skills they possess and hone in their day-to-day lives are exactly what are needed to be effective politically. And being effective politically is what changes both the world and the culture we live in.  

The book debunks the myth that politics is only for the intellectually elite and the priveleged few.  It shows how you can get involved at any level from volunteer to effective candidate and make a remarkable difference for the better.  Written with the former mayor of Long Grove, IL, who also was a candidate for U.S. Congress and for Lt. Gov. of IL, this is real first-hand information, not theory, presented in clear and easy-to-follow steps to make it doable for even a beginner.  Topics range from assessing suitability for office, to mounting a campaign that wins, to the weird things that happen in a small town. It's truly a recipe for success at any level in politics, written like an in-person conversation with the two authors.  It's not only practical, it's entertaining as well.  


Silent Witness

The true story of Chicago's Verna Sadock, NBC courtroom sketch artist and private portrait painter whose works hang in museums and private collections all over the world.  A  veritable force of nature, she was not always the model of traditionally  "accepted" behavior, making her quite the interesting character. 

Cutting her teeth on the famous Chicago 7 trial after the 1968 Democratic National Convention, she covered evey important trial in this  country through 2012  .In so doing, she illustrated the country's evolution, including the pains of social change, the emergence of single moms, and the ongoing growth of the women's movement.  She is almost, save for the obvious differences, like a well educated Forest Gump, always inserting herself into history's fascinating experiences and leaving her mark on all who met her. 

Known as "the Lady in Red" by many who knew her, taxi drivers and news stand vendors still recognize her on the street today.  Read about this incredible talent and fascinating character and chuckle at how she managed to do everything she did.  The descriptions of cases such as those of John Wayne Gacy, Michael Jackson, Drew Peterson, the Greylord investigations and many more, plus the descriptions of unforgettable lawyers, unpredictable judges, and  determined prosecutors make it a read well worth your while. If you like courtroom action, stories of powerful women, and a look at history, make sure to grab this one.


Never What It Seems: 12 Stories of Extrordinary Ordinary Events & People

Dealing with everything from a young girl's awakening to the contributions of someone she's always taken for granted to a father's mourning the loss of his only daughter, a married woman facing truths she'd rather not, or a young couple's pillow talk, Liz's collection of short stories is a great way to enjoy a book one chapter at a time. There is something for everyone with a heart, a detective mind, or a sense of loss of family.