Topics On Which Liz Is Often Requested To Speak

Speaking at an event

Non-Profit Related Topics

  • Defining Your Group & Raising Awareness
  • Finding Sponsors, Patrons & Grants
  • Partnering With Providers
  • Planning Events & Fundraisers
  • Marketing Necessities/Marketing That's Free
  • Setting Realistic Goals & Appropriate Timelines

Women As Leaders

  • How Women Thnk Differently & Why It Matters
  • The Art of Compromise 
  • A Seat At the Table For Everyone
  • The Upward-Downward Mentoring Wave
  • No More Working vs. Non-working Women
  • Volunteering Counts -  Making It Count On Your Resume
  • Getting Elected - The Roadmap Making It Doable 
  • Finding the Resources You Need
  • Is God Using You As a Troubleshooter?
  • Maintining Your Religious Beliefs While Succeeding In A Secular Worlld
  • Leader In the Home - Leader In the World

Business Topics

  • Make Yourself An Invaluable Advisor
  • Going After Market Share -- Even In Sensitive Industries
  • The Need to Know Competitors' Products As Well As Your Own
  • Debunking Myths About Your Industry, Company, Product or Service
  • Networking -- What It Entails (and Doesn't) & It's Real Value
  • Selling  to Multiple Markets
  • Taking the Pulse of the Industry & Staying Ahead of the Curve
  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Student-Appropriate Topics

  • Why Helping Others Also Helps You
  • Being a Good Citizen Doesn't Have To Be Boring
  • What About Cheating -- What Does It Really Hurt?
  • Will You Really Ever Use This Stuff?
  • How to Decide if College Is Right for You --Looking at Alternatives
  • Developing Your Inner Compass
  • Grasping Political Basics & Voting In Your Own Best Interest

Liz Is Also Available to Participate On panels

  • She has appeared on a panels for Hadassah and for The League of Women Voters 
  • She has spoken on various trade association panels such as CISA and IPC

What They Say About Liz

"I would recommend Liz to speak on ANY topic.  She's smart, funny, does her homework, and always delivers her points in a way the audience understands and remembers."    (Grant Peterson, former VP Mktg., ECD

"Dynamic and genuine.  Liz is a real crowd pleaser." (C. G. DU Alumni Group)

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